Centre services

At Domain Central, we're here to be of assistance to you. You'll find the Centre Management office located next to the public amenities, behind Glamaco. Our office is open 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Visit or contact us on (07) 4755 0417 or email info@domaintownsville.com.au.

Disabled restrooms

Domain Central has two disabled restrooms which are conveniently located next to Centre Management (behind Glamaco) and next to Subway.

Parent’s room

Domain Central has one parent’s room located next to Centre Management (behind Glamaco) which includes a private feeding cubicle, change tables, toilet and toddler toilet. There is also a microwave available for use (please see Centre Management for access). There is also a baby change table located in the disabled restroom next to Subway.

Lost And Found Property

If you have lost something whilst in the Centre, please contact Centre Management on (07) 4755 0417. If you find something whilst in the Centre that has been lost by someone else, please hand it to Centre Management.